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De has over 20 years training experience! She also holds a Master of Education Degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

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A Spiritual Channel!

She blends humor, realism, and hands-on practice into her classes.

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De's spiritual experiences started at a young age.

She shares her spiritual gifts during her workshops. This brings about unexpected insights for individuals and the audience as a whole!

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De's Workshops

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts!

What are your spiritual gifts? How do you make them stronger? What can they be used for?

Creating Your Spirit Boundaries.

A step-by-step practice to create and put in place your personal boundaries concerning spirit contact.

Simple Cleansing & Clearing Techniques

Why would you need to cleanse or clear? Techniques for you, your home, and your property.

Everyday Self-Healing Practices

Learn and practice exercises for relief from grief, stress, anger, anxiety, low energy, and more.

Quantum Healing for Beginners

Using the Creative Source (vibrational frequency) for healing and ascension.

Ready to Release the Past?

Easy practices to let go of negative teachings or experiences.

Total Belief Makeover!

How to recognize and release beliefs that no longer serve your Highest Good.

Yes, You Have a Built-in Spiritual OS (Operating System)!

What spiritual gifts did you come here with? How you can use them in everyday life?

You Planned Your Life!

What did you pre-plan as a spirit before you were born? Why is it important? Is it destiny?

Easy Communication with Deceased Relatives

Why would I want to talk to “dead people”? How will it help me or them? If I do, will it cause more harm than good?

Your Spirit Animals

What are spirit animals (power animals, totems)? How can they assist me? What about REAL animals?

And more!

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