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Photo of De Fletcher, Indie Author of Spiritual Books

De Fletcher is an indie author of spiritual books. She's also a spiritual coach and event speaker.

Ms. Fletcher is best known for her unique ability to blend humor, realism, and simplicity into her books, coaching, and public speaking.

She grew up poor, living in racially divided cities and on a rural farm. As a child, De experienced identity confusion, bullying, abuse, addiction, and death.

As an adult she experienced the culture, language, and traditions of 15 countries and 25 US states. Those experiences reflect in her writing, humor and interaction with others.

The real-life stories, spiritual knowledge, and experience she shares are a result of her twenty-plus-year professional and spiritual journey. 

De is currently an author, speaker, and coach of living a simple, spirit-full life. Her latest book is The Truth About Spiritual Gifts (Simple Spiritual Journey-Book 1).

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