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De is an experienced trainer and public speaker with over 20 years experience!
Her classes and topics are easy to understand and diverse in their origins. She specializes in spiritual tools to heal, release, and create a balanced life.
De has a variety of spiritual topics to share with others! She has taught classes and spoke about overcoming childhood trauma, releasing past negative, creating a life you love, spiritual gifts, getting better sleep, and much more!
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Short Bio

De is best known for her unique ability to blend humor, realism, and simplicity into her books, speaking, and classes. Embracing her wildly diverse life lessons enables her to truly “get” where people are coming from.

She is an experienced coach and professional trainer who has assisted people in overcoming unfulfilling, stressful, or drama-filled lives for over 20 years.

Her stories of how she overcame childhood abuse, racism, and poverty through spirituality are both relatable and inspirational for many.

De is an author, speaker, and spiritual coach assisting others in creating the life they’ve always hoped was possible.

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Long Bio

De has the unique ability to blend spirit, humor, simplicity and realism into her books, coaching, and public speaking. Embracing her wildly diverse life experiences enables her to truly “get” where people are coming from.

She grew up poor, living in racially divided cities and spending school vacations on a rural farm. As a child, De experienced identity crisis, racism, bullying, abuse, addiction, and grief. As an adult, she visited (or lived in) 15 countries in Europe and Asia. De has also lived in 9 US states and visited 16.

All of De’s experiences reflect in her writing, humor and interaction with others.

De reached a point in her life where she realized her life wasn’t working. She chose to learn another way to live and let go of the beliefs and behaviors that kept her unhappy.

Her work experience and diverse life experience provided the depth of understanding she needed to release the childhood traumas she describes in her first book, Born a Poor, Black, Indian, White Girl: Overcoming Childhood Trauma and Living a Spiritual Life. The book is available through Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BVJD84Q

She spent over ten years learning about spiritual gifts and how to use them to create a better life for herself. This journey led her to write her second book, The Truth About Spiritual Gifts. Copies are available at https://books2read.com/u/b5o10k

She is currently writing her third book (of an 8 book series) titled Simple Self-Healing Practices.

Her writing is a mix of perspectives, experiences, knowledge, humor and sarcasm. At times these vastly different sides of her experience will make an appearance, much to the delight (or confusion) of others.

De enjoys music, dancing, comedy, reading, singing, teaching and writing. Finding humor in everyday life comes easy for her. Friends have often told her she should be a stand-up comedian.

De has twenty years of writing, public speaking, teaching and coaching experience. She is an author, speaker, and teacher of living a spirited life.