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De has over 20 years speaking and training experience! She received her Master of Education Degree from Weber State University.

She is available as a keynote speaker, trainer, or panel expert. Her specialty areas include spirituality and healing from stress, grief, drama, and trauma through spiritual practices.

Here is what others had to say about learning from De:

”Since our session I haven’t slept for more than 6 hours. But it’s been the most sound & restful sleep I’ve had in years!”

Lane Riddle

“De is the real deal! She has so much wisdom to share and communicates very clearly. Wonderful teacher.”

Amanda Finch

“MAGIC. That’s what De has brought into my life and I will be forever grateful.”

Thia Beene

“ . . . an above average communicator and an exceptional motivational coach.”

Jay Bassett

“I have been to several workshops . . . but none of them gave the perspective, ideas, and benefit that her class did.”

Angel McCoy

“I enjoyed the class today-it was the best one I’ve had in years! Well taught and enjoyable!”

Kendall E.

“She has the ability to make you feel extremely comfortable. De has a soothing voice and demeanor that removes any doubt as to her sincerity and concern for your needs.”

Tammy Chance

“I’m picky about who I go to for readings, and would highly recommend De for anyone who’s looking for an honest, caring reader and/or spiritual mentor!”

Amy Moses

“These classes that I have taken with De are exactly what I have wanted and searched for! The information is thorough and well taught. I can’t wait to take many more classes. I highly recommend!”

Katie Freeman

“She is wonderful to talk to and does not mind taking the time to answer any questions or explain things so you can understand. She has a calm and pleasant demeanor that makes you leave feeling better than how you were before seeing her. Thank you De.”

Katrina Levario

“You’re a great teacher. You’re able to present information in different ways and deal with questions really well.”

Ken Fugate

“I still remember how I felt when I walked in, somewhat confused and burdened and felt much lighter when I walked out.”

Geri Blake

“ . . . you made it fun and interesting and the time really flew by. Your use and mix of different teaching strategies and attentiveness to the learners was superb.”

Joan C.
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