My New Spiritual Books

“The Truth About Spiritual Gifts is a very direct and understandable guide that can be utilized for the journey of change to finding our True Self.”

Norma E.

“This book takes the mystery & darkness out of connecting to our Soul (Source Operating System) and brings it into the light. No voodoo, chanting or dancing around a cauldron as past teachings have tried to suppress the most basic and simple truth, the light is within us All.”

Susan H.

“This book is such a well rounded presentation to begin the journey!  You had great examples, and you made it very easy to comprehend!”

Peggy L.

“It’s a great flow and beginning for someone that is looking to explore their spirituality and gifts after being so shut off from them for whatever reason.”

Victoria R.

“This is an awesome book and will definitely help Awaken and Guide the new seekers in the right direction!  It is really good!”

Michael W.

What Led Me to a Spiritual Life