The Truth About Spiritual Gifts

“The Truth About Spiritual Gifts is a very direct and understandable guide that can be utilized for the journey of change to finding our True Self.”

Norma E.

“This book takes the mystery & darkness out of connecting to our Soul (Source Operating System) and brings it into the light. No voodoo, chanting or dancing around a cauldron as past teachings have tried to suppress the most basic and simple truth, the light is within us All.”

Susan H.

“This book is such a well rounded presentation to begin the journey!  You had great examples, and you made it very easy to comprehend!”

Peggy L.

“It’s a great flow and beginning for someone that is looking to explore their spirituality and gifts after being so shut off from them for whatever reason.”

Victoria R.

“This is an awesome book and will definitely help Awaken and Guide the new seekers in the right direction!  It is really good!”

Michael W.

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Spiritual Book Cover

In The Truth About Spiritual Gifts you’ll discover:

  1. Truths hidden from you about your true spiritual potential.
  2. How to create the life you want using your “creation software”!
  3. Practices to release stress, grief, and drama.
  4. And lots more!

Are you ready to ditch the stress, anger, anxiety, or drama in your life? 

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If you experienced childhood abuse, and it still negatively affects your life . . . you’re not alone!

This book is a real page-turner about my intense journey through abuse, poverty, racism, identity crisis, and grief.

In this relatable book you’ll discover . . .

  • Tips on how to move past the past.
  • Encouragement to speak your truth and stop keeping other peoples secrets.
  • Advice on how to deal with death and grief.

And lots more!

If you are ready to get off the merry-go-round and rethink what’s possible . . .


Born a Poor, Black, Indian, White Girl

“It awakened memories in me long left behind and allowed me to travel back along the path of events that made me who I am.  The challenges, obstacles, and lessons learned that seem to be common (to a greater or lesser degree) among us all are brought forward to be revisited, analyzed, and likely restored. Keep writing in your journey along the path of your life.”

Terry L.

This Was a Book I Didn’t Want to Leave!

“I became totally enraptured by it. The hours flew!  I felt like I was living it with you! Really a wonderful book and a good and worthy read!”

June S.

I Love Books Like That!

”I was absorbed by this book and didn’t put it down until there was no more to read.”

Linda S.

You Won’t Be Able to Put it Down!

”This narrative ultimately leads you to look at your own life from a different perspective-from a view of gratitude no matter the circumstances. It’s a quick read you won’t be able to put down.”

George C.

A Story Well Told!

”I really enjoyed reading this book. Definitely a page turner for me. I found myself laughing, sad, so many emotions for me!”

Antoinette T.

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