Do You Deserve Spiritual Gifts?

Do You Deserve Spiritual Gifts?

Many of us were not taught about our spiritual nature or how to use our spiritual abilities.

We have been trained to use our knowledge mind and ignore (and even fear) our spiritual side.

Ask yourself, "Do I believe I am worthy of having spiritual gifts?"

Do you believe a person has to be "special" or "gifted" to even have these "paranormal" abilities?

The answer may shock you!

The Truth is . . . we were ALL born with spiritual abilities or gifts!

That's right. NO ONE is more "special" than anyone else!

The difference is what we've been taught and/or believe to be true.

The people who use their spiritual gifts have simply used their Free Will to choose to embrace and practice their abilities.

We can choose whether or not we want to use these inherent gifts and how!

Some of them work on "autopilot", like "women's intuition" or "gut feelings". These help us and keep us out of danger . . . if we choose to listen to them.

Now that you know you have spiritual gifts, what's your next step?

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