Relieve Stress in 4 Minutes or Less!

Relieve Stress in 4 Minutes or Less!

Need less stress and more calm in your life?

Stressed at work? Do this exercise and automatically lower your stress!

Stuck in rush-hour traffic? Do this simple practice and feel the stress melt away!

Kids getting on your last nerve? Refresh yourself in just a few minutes!

World events have you tense, frustrated, or angry? It's less than 5 minutes to calm & relaxed!

Instead of allowing stressful situations to negatively affect your day, take a few moments to do this practice! 

It will reduce stress, calm, clear your head, and give you an energy boost!

You can do this practice anytime . . . anywhere!


Get Started Now!

Stress Buster Breathing (Release, Calm, De-stress)

  1. Sit or stand in a comfortable position (both feet on the floor/ground).
  2. Close your eyes if you’d like (not if you’re driving).
  3. Breathe in through your nose (slowly filling your belly with air).
  4. Breathe out through your mouth (slow and easy until your belly goes flat).
  5. Breathe in (imagine breathing in white light and it filling your belly then the rest of your body).
  6. Breathe out (imagine exhaling any negative from your body).
  7. Complete 4 more cycles of deep breathing (or until you feel relaxed).

NOTE 1: If you don’t have 4 minutes or more, just do the practice for as long as you can. ANY amount of time will help reduce your stress!

NOTE 2: Doing this practice outside will give you an extra boost!

It also helps if you remind yourself to do this practice throughout your day, especially if you have a stressful daily life.

Take note of how you feel after each time you complete the practice.

This is just one of the many simple spiritual practices you can use to help you manage your stress, anxiety, and other negative effects of a stressful life or uncertain times.

For more practices to help you release grief, reduce stress, and increase your overall energy, check out my book "The Truth About Spiritual Gifts" at your favorite bookstore:

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