Stressed? Afraid? Exhausted? Indecisive?

We’re all feeling the effects of this ongoing world crisis!

If your mental or physical health has taken a beating these last months . . .

There are things you can do to release, reduce, and rejuvenate!

Last week I shared 4 tips: Stop, Calm, Trust, & Do!

Today I’d like to share a video that gives you some STOP! tips.

Watch the Vid on my Locals Channel:

I give some easy tips on things you can stop doing that will greatly reduce your stress, fear, exhaustion, & mental fogginess!

Our body and mind is not designed to handle large amounts of stress and worry over a long period of time!

We’ve been subjecting ourselves to large amounts of fear, uncertainty, confusion, stress, and so much more for almost 2 years!

It’s no wonder we fell less than 100%!

If you are ready to redirect this “crazy train”, watch this video!

Then watch the one from last week about CALM!

I hope these tips and practices will assist you in getting back to a place of less stress, calm, and clarity. Blessings!