Tired of being stressed, afraid, or confused?

These tips will help you:

  • Reduce stress levels
  • Remove the fear
  • Improve clarity and decision making skills
  • Lower daily anxiety
  • Increase focus

The 4 tips are:

  1. STOP! (Stop doing things that cause you stress, fear, etc.)
  2. Calm (Calm yourself so you can think clearly and be more balanced in your emotions.)
  3. Trust (Trust those gut feelings you get-once your calm.)
  4. DO (Do things different than you have been.)

The most important to start with is CALM!

It is difficult (or downright impossible) to handle life decisions if you are stressed, afraid, confused, anxious, or low energy most every day!

If you CALM yourself you will discover all of these feelings and emotions are reduced and you can think more clearly. Balance returns!

In this video, I take you through a CALM practice you can use every day!


We’ll cover the other tips later, but for now . . . practice calming yourself every day!

P.S. As an added bonus I’ll give you one of the “STOP!” tips . . .

STOP spending a lot of time on social media or watching hours of YT (or other platforms) videos!

If you watch “doom & gloom” or “gossip” type videos, these raise your fear and stress levels!

Also, STOP watching mainstream news. Watching the “news” several times a day is the best way to amp up your fear!

(Have you noticed all the “news” is about bashing people, death, sickness, and disasters?)

Until next time . . . take care of yourself and CALM!