So thrilled about the release of the paperback edition of my new book!

The Truth About Spiritual Gifts will be available in all major bookstores this week! (Happy Dance time!)

A lot of reader’s LOVE to hold a real book in their hands. It adds to the experience of reading!

I’m also considering putting out a large print edition! Let me know what you think.

Maybe an Audiobook is not too far in the future as well!

Ah! So much to do.

Speaking of that . . . wanted to give you a heads up on the next book in the series!

It’s Get Your Best Sleep Ever! If you never seem to get good sleep, then put this book on your list!

Coming March of 2022! It’s Book 2 in the Simple Spiritual Journey series and has a BIG REVEAL that may just shake the foundation of what you think about sleep!

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