Do I have spiritual gifts?

Is this all there is to life?

Why isn’t my life working?

If you’ve asked yourself these questions over and over . . .

The Truth About Spiritual Gifts reveals the key to finally getting your answers!

This book lays out the final piece of the “what’s missing in our life” puzzle in 11 refreshingly simple chapters!

In this self-help guide you’ll discover:

  • The spiritual gifts you have.
  • How to recognize and change old beliefs that keep your life full of stress or drama.
  • Truths hidden from you about your true spiritual potential.
  • How to work with your “creation software” to craft the life you truly want!
  • Practices to assist you in releasing stress, grief, and drama.

This book dives into the truth about spiritual gifts, what is holding you back from experiencing a better life, AND gives you simple tools to change what isn’t working!

Are you ready to receive your answers and start truly living your better life?

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