What compels someone to do spiritual work as a career?

For me it was my childhood experiences.

They taught me many negative lessons, but also how to relate to others. How to recognize the beliefs that weren’t working for me, but against me!

At some point I had to let go of the ones that were the “enemies” of me living a good life. It took many years of trial and error and learning new lessons before I could say I was free of my past.

One day I realized I could help others do the same thing. There are lots of people who experienced the same type of stuff I did growing up! I decided to assist them so they didn’t have to spend the years of trial and error like I did.

What was the pivotal moment in my life?

My pivotal moment was the day I had my “crazy, white girl, mental breakdown”, as I call it. (You can read all about it in my first book.) That day I decided to try another way of living. I chose to learn more about Native American culture. Everything changed that day!

So, what an I getting at?

Anyone can change their life! You just have to start small and keep at it. We all have past stuff that haunts us (if we let it). No one is beyond turning their life around for the better!

All of these realizations prompted me to do spiritual work as a career!

Want to know more about my “origin story”?

If you want to know the details of my “crazy, white girl, mental breakdown”, the root of my identity crisis as a child, the negative lessons, and more that brought me to my spiritual path, click the link below and get the Ebook version of my first book for 99 cents until October 7th at 4 p.m. (PDT)!

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