Symbolic, literal, premonition or nightmares?

Check out these tips on how to interpret their meaning!

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Types of dreams:

  1. Symbolic
  2. Literal
  3. Sorting
  4. Foresight
  5. Nightmares
  6. Other (like from trauma)

Spirit communicates with us in symbols, sounds, words, colors, etc. in our dreams, but what does it all mean? How can we best interpret our dreams?

YOU are your best dream dictionary!

Spirit communicates with you in YOUR frame of reference!

For example, if I were to have a dream about a stream, it would mean spiritual nourishment . . . something we can’t do without . . . a spiritual message.

Another person could have a dream about a stream and be afraid and take it as a warning to be careful because maybe when they were a child they fell into a stream and almost drowned. See the difference?

To interpret your dreams, ask: “What does this mean to me? What does that mean to me? How does that make me feel?”

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