Get tips about how to open up to spiritual answers and help!

(What if someone doesn’t want to live anymore?)

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Ask yourself these questions . . .

  1. How many times have you asked? (Only need to do so ONCE!)
  2. Do you believe you have spiritual help? (Beliefs are powerful!)
  3. Have you quieted your mind daily? (A quiet mind receives messages/guidance more easily and quickly!) Try deep breathing, meditation, relaxing, being out in nature, etc.)
  4. Have you asked for the answer to come while you sleep? (Some people’s minds are so busy while they’re awake, nothing gets through! Ask right as you get into bed for your answer to come while you’re sleeping!)
  5. Do you pray in askance or thanksgiving? (Spirit knows you better than you know yourself. A prayer of thanks works faster. Ex: “Thank you for answering my question/sending help as quickly and clearly as possible.”)
  6. Are you open to the signs that answer your question? (Songs, animals, dreams, repeats, nightmares, etc. This is how spirit answers or gives you clues!)

Know someone who’s thinking about taking their life?