A lot of people question whether or not they have spiritual gifts.

They wonder if they were “gifted” with such abilities. Others may question whether or not they “deserve” to have such gifts.

Many of us were taught through our parents, school, or religion that such abilities beyond the “normal” were not good or even evil!

What is the truth? That’s what I talk about in this video!

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The truth is we all came with a set of spiritual gifts. You don’t have to be special or chosen!

Some of the gifts are: Knowing, Seeing, Feeling, Hearing, Taste, and more.

You free-will to believe you have these gifts and whether or not you want to use them!

Your gifts can be used for a variety of things in life including parenting, work, creative hobbies, writing, healing, energy work, powerful meditation, and many more!

If you’re ready to discover or deepen your spiritual gifts, contact me and let’s talk about how I can get you started today!

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