This is step 4 of 4 in the Source Connection spirit work prep practice. (If you haven’t watched Steps 1-3, the links are below!)

Use Steps 1-4 of this practice before you go about your spiritual work. Each individual step can be used as a meditation practice by practicing the step for 4 minutes, then continue deep breathing as you go into the silence of meditation!

Connect is about discovering your unique Highest Self energy signature! In this step we also exhale any negative that may be in our body. After you’ve completed the practice you will feel more centered and balanced.

Watch the Step 4 Video Here:

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Steps for Connect!

  1. Breathe deep 4 times.
  2. Focus on your high heart area (just above the center of your chest).
  3. Sense a colored star, colored sun, shimmering curtain of color or other (describe it). If you don’t sense it, ask Spirit to “Reveal my highest self light to me now. Thank you.”
  4. Sense its size and vibration (pulsing, popping, shaking, pinging, etc.).
  5. Inhale: Breathe in and imagine the size of your Highest Self energy growing outward.
  6. Exhale: Release any negative as you exhale and see if float up to the sky to be transmuted.
  7. Continue cycles of breathing until the color and energy fills your entire body from your chest out to the top of your head and the tips of your toes.


If you don’t sense your own color/shape at first, start with a little Sun and watch it grow! The more you practice the more it will change to your color, shape & vibration. 🙂

Focus on the breathing and imagery. Allow random thoughts to pass.


Newbies: Focus on sensing your Highest Light (color, shape, vibration) and filling your entire body with its energy.

More Advanced: Focus on extending your Highest Light beyond your body out into your aura. Practice until your body is filled with Highest Light energy within 4 cycles of breaths.

Watch Step 1 Here:

Watch Step 2 Here:

Watch Step 3 Here:

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