This is step 3 of 4 in the Source Connection spirit work prep practice. (If you haven’t watched Step 1 & 2, the links are below!)

Use Steps 1-4 of this practice before you go about your spiritual work. Each individual step can be used as a meditation practice. Simply do the step for 4 minutes, then continue deep breathing as you go into the silence of meditation!

With this practice you can: Relieve stress through deep breathing, increase the intensity of your Source energy, & release any negative you may be holding in your body!

Watch the Video:

Steps for Center!

  1. Deep Breathe 4 times.
  2. Focus on your high navel area. Sense the Source light that lives there. (It’s like a starburst of white light or a little Sun!)
  3. Feel/see its size. (This is your “Spark of God” or “Source Energy”.)
  4. Inhale: Breathe in the healing/energizing white light (it’s all around you)! See your inner starburst grow out from your center with each breath.
  5. Exhale: Release any negative as you exhale and see it float up to the sky to be transmuted.
  6. Continue cycles until your entire body is filled with the starburst light of Source energy.


Newbies: Focus on increasing the size of your starburst and exhaling any negative that may be built up in your body.

Advanced: Focus on increasing the size of your starburst until it extends beyond your body out into your aura. Practice until your starburst fills your body within 4 cycles of breaths.

Watch Step 1 Here:

Watch Step 2 Here:

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