This is Step 2 of a 4-step practice called “Source Connection”.

If you haven’t viewed the video and practiced Step 1-Calm, watch it here:

Source Connection is a powerful way to prepare for meditation, inquiry or spirit work. (Highly recommend you smudge, set your intent, and place protection measures prior to completing the Source Connection practice if you are planning to do any type of spirit work!)


We should connect directly with Mother Earth daily. Being outside provides fresh air and sunshine we need for optimal health.

This is a powerful yet simple healing technique you can do anytime, anywhere! You are actually getting direct healing energies from the Earth and balancing your energy.

This practice includes:

  1. Deep breathing to calm.
  2. Imagery of connecting to the Earth.
  3. Sending love and appreciation to the Earth.
  4. Receiving Earth energy throughout your body!
  5. Releasing any negative from within your body!

Watch the Step 2 Video Here:

Tips: Do all the steps daily. Practice until you can do the practice on your own with comfort. Always give thanks for the healing you receive!

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