CALM-Step 1 of the “Source Connection” Practice

This is Step 1 of a 4-step practice called “Source Connection”. After we’ve learned the four steps, the 5th video will show “Putting Them All Together” for the complete practice.

Source Connection is a powerful way to prepare for meditation, inquiry or spirit work. (Recommend performing your smudging, intent and protection measures prior to doing the complete practice.)

Step 1-Calm

The best way for us to easily receive our spirit messages is to have a calm mind.

Step one combines deep breathing and visualization to assist you in reducing stress, anxiety, worry and other negative emotions so you’re able to calm your mind.

Calming the mind helps us to be less stressed, think clearer, make better decisions, trust our intuition or gut feeling and be ready to receive any spiritual communications.

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If you can imagine or visualize white light and what negative exhaled air may look like, you can do this practice EASY!

You only need about 5 minutes to do this practice! Easy for even the most busy person!

In the video I describe the practice then we all do it together!

Welcome to the first step in improving your spiritual connection!

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Source Connection (Step 1-Calm)

Breathing helps us to relax and calm ourselves. We get more oxygen and feel energized and alert. Use this practice anytime you’re stressed or anxious.

  1. Inhale: Breathe in through your nose and fill your belly with air (like a balloon). Inhale slow and deep. Imagine breathing in Source white light and it filling your entire body from head to toe.
  2. Exhale: Breathe out through your mouth allowing your belly to go flat. Imagine breathing out any negative (like a colored mist) and it floating up into the sky to be transmuted. (What color is your exhaled breath?)
  3. Continue cycles of breaths until your entire body is filled with white light and your exhaled breath is colorless or white.