Do you have an old story you’re telling over and over about your life?

I’ve had lots of clients who tell me how their life isn’t happy, how stressed they are or the negative people in their life.

I give them advice, practices and resources to assist them in making stuff better in their life. They come back for a follow-up and I ask how things are going. They tell me the same stuff over again. I ask if they have done the practices, used any of the resources or took any action. They say “no . . . because” then give me all the reasons why they took no action.

The next time they come in to see me it’s the same story. Didn’t DO anything. Meanwhile, time is passing and their life still sucks.

How about creating a new story?

We’ve all heard “You can’t keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results.” It’s called INSANITY!

I get it. Change isn’t easy. It’s more comfortable for us to do the things we’re used to doing and telling our “poor me” story for maybe years.

Watch the video:

There’s no one waiting to rescue you and fix all your problems or unhappiness!

YOU have to DO something about it! Just one baby step at a time will get you started.

Don’t hang out with that negative person anymore. Stop eating too much or exercise more. Begin a spiritual class or other to learn to keep calm and reduce stress.

DO something! Write a new story for your life!

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