We are all connected! What we do or do not do affects all! Everyone and everything else.

To visualize how we’re all connected imagine the night sky on a clear night. Each of us is a star surrounded by the creative force.

Our star can shine bright or BE very dim. This depends on each individuals Free Will. The choices they make.

If the night sky were without the stars, it would not be as it was meant to be . . . a wonder to behold!

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At the core is Creation . . . the force that creates and maintains the stars, planets, moons, galaxies and the universe.

We are a part of this vastness . . . an ESSENTIAL PART!

We each are a star with unique gifts, talents and abilities.

We each have important things to accomplish during our life! What are your dreams? What drives your passion?

We have the same creative source within us that created the Great Night Sky!

All we have to do is decide to use it to create a different world than what we are experiencing today.

All we have to do is decide to allow our Star to shine bright!

The Creative Force requires immensity in order to display the night sky.

This is why we are restless and feel unfulfilled!

We have allowed our own bright star of creation to be dimmed and limited by man-made expected norms! (Rules, expectations, traditions, etc.)

We can choose at ANY MOMENT to change how we brighten our life. How we shine!

Our spiritual self needs immensity to thrive and grow and BE what we truly are!

If you’re ready to start shining your spiritual light into your life and world, contact me and let’s talk about how I can assist you in getting started today.

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