Free Will means you choose for you!

Only YOU can create and change your life. Only YOU can allow others to run your life or limit you. You only have control over YOU!

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If you take a look at your life and it isn’t what you want it to be . . . it is a reflection of your actions (or inaction) and how you feel about yourself.

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How DO you feel about yourself?

If your answer to the last two questions were anything but “my life is how I want it to be” AND “I always feel good about myself” then your Free Will may need a little work.

What can you do to exercise your Free Will?

Take responsibility for your choices and actions.

Start making different choices. You can’t keep doing the same things and expect different results!

Love who/what you are even if you’re not really sure what that is right now. You are a spiritual being!

Focus on what YOU do or do not do.

Don’t worry about what others do or do not do.

Don’t allow others to take away your Free Will choice.

Some Great News!

  1. You choose what you want to do. You always have a choice even when you think you don’t!
  2. You can change or re-create any part of your life. Make it how you want it!
  3. If you change what you’ve been doing . . . your results will change!
  4. You have the ability to create the life YOU want!

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