We are born a spiritual being inside a human body and at first we are comfortable with that.

Then we are taught and live from our mind most of our lives time and lose touch with our spiritual self and feel lost and alone.

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Think back over your life . . . What has made you feel alone or separate?

Are you always trying to fit in or find someone to love you just so you don’t feel alone?

We feel alone when we believe ourselves separate from Source or our spiritual self.

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When we’re on the right path, without judgement of ourselves and others, we recognize how we are part of the whole!

Since we are a spiritual being, we have other spiritual beings around us.

Guardian Angels, relatives, other spirits and all of creation.

What do we need to do to relieve this belief or feeling of being alone in the world?

Start living more of your life through your spiritual self.

Stop believing you are separate!

Spend more time loving yourself and being yourself.

Know you are an important part of the whole!

There is no “them”. It’s all “us”. Separation is an “illusion”.

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