Love is within! Love yourself, how you were created and your uniqueness!

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Your guides, Angels, Ancestors and Creation love you! You are a spiritual being having a physical experience. You are part of the whole and important to the overall peace, happiness and love you experience on this earth.

You were created perfect! You learned from parents, religion, education and society that you are imperfect, a sinner, not very good looking, not athletic, not smart and on and on. To feel love and to love yourself you must choose to NOT BELIEVE the lies you’ve been told. Write a new story about yourself.

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Don’t look outside yourself to feel loved!

What we feel about ourselves is reflected in our lives! Just take a look around . . . Are you happy? Have a lot of drama? Too many negative friends/family?

Love is within! Love yourself, how you were created and your uniqueness!

There must be self love before we can give/share love with others. When we don’t love ourselves we allow others to control us, abuse us, etc.

Don’t rely on others to make you feel loved! If you’re always looking to the outside for love and don’t have any for yourself on the inside, you will always find yourself unfulfilled.

Love comes from the inside first!

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