Let’s talk about before the “stay at home” . . .

Were you happy, fulfilled and full of energy for living?

Or was there stress, money worries, family drama, dislike your job and tired of the same thing day after day?

What have you learned since this whole “pandemic” started about your life and choices?

What did you notice about your “before life”?

Are you going to do anything different in your life or just go back to doing the same old things?

Do you believe the life you’re living now is “the new normal”?

This “crisis” was a gift!

A slowing down or stopping of our routine to get us to notice the stuff that really matters in our life!

An opportunity to decide what we will change and what we will give our precious time to!

Where does your Spiritual Journey fit in your new priorities? Or does it?

Watch the video . . . https://youtu.be/utWWt24XBeA

Discovering your spiritual gifts and how to use them can assist you in being stronger, more balanced and healing your past stress, drama, grief and trauma and preparing you to better handle future “crises“.

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