Do you have a spiritual teacher or coach?

You can spend years reading books and taking classes on your own


You can find a teacher and “fast track” your spiritual learning!

This video gives you tips and strategies for finding a teacher or coach who resonates with you!

I did the first way and it took me years to learn my gifts, how to use them, self-healing practices and loads of other spiritual concepts.

I had to figure out what I was drawn to or led to. I took intro. classes, got free resources, tried a load of mini and full classes.

What I learned was discovering spiritual gifts didn’t have to take so long!

That’s why I decided to share what I learned with others so they could save time and frustration trying to figure it all out!

If you’re ready to discover your spiritual gifts with a coach you resonate with, contact me and let’s talk about how I can assist you in getting started today!

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