Does Your Past Keep You in Misery?

We’ve all experienced drama, grief, stress and trauma.

Some days you’re reminded of it . . . In a song, a dream or a current situation.

The tears come at the mention of a name. The anger is instant at the thought of how you were treated.

It never seems to go away. You wish it would just go away.

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Why Does the Past Keep Repeating Itself?

For many years I was afraid to speak up or ask for what I wanted.

As a child I learned to be quiet and obedient to spare myself a verbal tirade or worse yet, a beating.

I’d been taught paying bills was a constant struggle and life was just life. Death and taxes were the only sure things.

I wanted someone to love me, show me affection, but I had learned to be afraid of men.

Years later I realized I had grown up, but I was still carrying around my childhood pain, experiences and beliefs.

Maybe you too have had or are currently experiencing these things too!

How do you release the past?

You don’t have to relive the pain and misery!

Your life can be happy, purposeful and abundant!

First we need to decide to let go of old anger, resentment, hurt, etc.

Are you holding on to some parts of your past? Why?

Because it makes you feel better than someone?

Because you’re waiting for revenge or payback?

Because it makes you feel part of a special group?

Because you believe the hurt is part of the real you?

What’s the one thing you are willing to let go of?

Can you imagine how much better you would feel without it?

It’s really as easy as deciding you’re not going to let it negatively affect your future anymore!

If you’re done with carrying the past around contact me and let’s talk about how I can assist you in releasing the stress, grief, trauma and drama in your life.

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