Whatever happened to my energy and zest for life?

I’ve had many people say they wish they could feel alive like they did in the past.

They’re caught in a seemingly unending cycle of the same old thing day after day.

They want a purpose, a mission in life that’s bigger than themselves.

A purpose that excites them, time just flies, and they can’t wait for each new day to start!

Many people have asked me “What’s my purpose?”

They were searching for answers in a world that wasn’t making sense or working for them anymore.

They felt there was something more and they wanted to do more with their life but couldn’t quite put their finger on it.

It was making them sad, depressed and tired.

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How do we find our purpose?

First, everything you’ve learned and experienced in your life has made you uniquely qualified for your purpose!

You lack nothing! If you feel the pull . . . you’re ready!

Your purpose may be one big thing, 2-3 smaller things or a bunch of small things.

Everyone has a unique purpose or things they want to achieve in this life!

Start by asking yourself . . .

What do I like to do?

What am I doing when time just flies by?

When I was in school, what were my favorite subjects?

The things that make you happy and you’re most interested in are clues to your purpose!

Follow your intuition or gut feeling on things. (If you’re drawn to a book, class, place, etc.)

Ask Spirit for guidance and follow the signs!

You can discover your purpose!

But you have to start exploring and experiencing.

Don’t sit at home and expect it to fall in your lap!

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