Where do your fears come from?

The kind of fear that brings anxiety, chest pain, worry or makes you want to hide under your bed covers. The kind of fear that comes out of nowhere, that you feel is just lurking around and will pop out at any time.

How does your fear make you feel? Do you enjoy the feelings fear brings? How does your body respond?

I had a LOT of fear growing up. Check out my backstory “Simply Unbreakable” at https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B07BVTM3Y4

Fear of the racist bullies that taunted me almost every day. Fear of the next drunken rampage. Fear of the visits to my room at night. Fear of death and poverty.

A lot of those fears followed me into adulthood.

In this video I’ll share some tips and suggestions on fears so you can balance your emotions and have a clear head to make good decisions.

Watch Here  https://youtu.be/3ZLt1VWWyrs

What are your fears? Write them down.

How/When were the fears born? Do you feel you have no control over them? Next to each fear write what you can do to lessen/remove the fear.

You don’t have to live in constant fear! You can be happy and balanced even in the middle of a health crisis! You can choose to discover your spiritual gifts and how to use them to make your life a lot less chaotic or crazy!

You have everything you need to change fear into strength and resilience!

Can you see yourself like the calm in the middle of a storm?

The Good News is YOU have the power over your fears! We can heal our fears . . . but we have to take action!

We can’t just sit around and hope they’ll go away some day! We can’t allow others to invoke our fears either!

If you’re done being afraid and having a life where you feel like you never know what to expect, contact me and let’s talk about how I can assist you in maintaining a balanced life regardless of outside influences.

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