There are different experiences that bring about grief, but today we’re going to talk about DEATH.

What is it about death that’s so hard to think about, prepare for, or release from?

It doesn’t matter your beliefs on death. Just ask whether your current beliefs have served you well in dealing with death and grief throughout your life thus far.

Here’s a hint . . . If you’re carrying around unreleased grief and feel you have “unfinished business”, then perhaps a review of your beliefs are in order.

In today’s video I’ll share with you my experiences & knowledge regarding death. Take from it what is useful to you and your life. Watch it here:

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How Can We Reduce the Guilt that May Accompany Death?

  1. Tell the people you love that you love them. So they will know and you will know they know.
  2. Spend time with the people you love. Don’t put off ’til tomorrow.
  3. If you’ve had a falling out, mend fences if possible. At least you’ll be able to say you made the effort.
  4. If you have something to say, say it.
  5. Stop believing you have any control over or could have prevented an adult from dying.
  6. Don’t blame yourself because you weren’t there. Sometimes it just happens that way.
  7. Guilt is one of the biggest factors in people not being able to grieve properly.
  8. Pre-plan your funeral. Lay it out and pay for it before you need it. It will be a BIG help to your surviving family.

How Long Should You Grieve?

Grieve in your time. Everyone is different. Don’t allow anyone to tell you how long to grieve. Little by little life will improve if you release the tears and any guilt or blame you may feel.

Why is Death so Scary?

There are many reasons for this. Scary movies, religious beliefs of going to hell, fear of the unknown, etc.

The process is taken care of. You will be guided to where you need to go. Your loved ones will greet you and walk with you.

The body returns to Mother and the Spirit returns to Source (including suicide). 

Only exception is if you use your Free Will to explicitly request to join “the dark side”. 

Can My Loved Ones Visit or Know What’s Going On With Me?

Yes! Most will visit to help you with your grieving process even though you might not hear/see them. They may send you signs (things that remind you of them).

You can say things to them (they hear you). You can ask them things (quiet your mind so you can get their answers).

They are beginning their own healing from their life on Earth. They may want to tell you something or apologize for something. Be open to hear them. It will help both of you heal. 🙂

A Brief List of My Death Experience:

Like most other people, I have lived through many deaths of loved ones.

  • I have seen them visiting the Other Side shortly before their time.
  • I have called the horses for them to have a swift ride to the Other Side and felt their moment of departure.
  • I have spoken with Archangel Azrael about myself and others before they died. (Also known as the Angel of Death, which is not what he really does.)
  • I have experienced communication with loved ones (and others) after their departure.

Death does not have to be scary! You choose how you want to think/believe about death.

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