Do you secretly hope things in your life will magically change somehow?

Frustrated over the same old thing day after day?

Were you happy B4 the health crisis? Are you happy now?

Do you get angry because you feel you’re getting shortchanged in life?

Do you blame your spouse, your family, your friends, your coworkers or the government for things you’ve not been able to do in life?

Free Will is About Being Able to Choose and Taking Responsibility for your choices!

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Because I grew up poor, I blamed my parents, my employer, and the government for keeping me at a “live paycheck to paycheck” existence.

But the truth was . . . It was my beliefs, allowing others to control me and not believing in myself that caused my money, relationship and other woes.

When’s the last time you exercised your Free Will?

Are you okay with others exercising their Free Will or do you want everyone to agree with you and be just like you?

Universal Law says that no one has a right to infringe upon the Free Will of others.

It is a gift from source and what makes us unique instead of clones or drones or automatons.

The truth is the state of your life is a direct result of YOUR Free Will choices (unless you’ve given power over your gift to others, then it’s still your choice).

No matter what you’ve experienced, you choose how to handle it.

So, to solve the yearning for something magical to happen in your life all you have to do is start with looking in the mirror!

Your Life Can be What You Want it to Be!

It can be happy, fulfilling and even magical!

If you’ve given away your power, you can get it back!

If you’re done with wishful thinking without results, message me and let’s talk about how I can get you started on using your Free Will to live the life you want!

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