Feel your religious background is keeping you from discovering your spiritual gifts?

Some people find their peace, growth and live their purpose in a religion or church. Nothing wrong with that!

Other people have had negative experiences with religion or a church. This is what we’ll be talking about today.

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If you don’t feel at home and content with your church

OR you aren’t able to speak your truth or ask questions of your religion

OR you feel pressured to conform and admonished when you step over some imaginary line drawn by your religion

  • Distrust religion because of a bad experience?
  • Your religious teachings say spirituality is bad?
  • Feel you will be judged or shunned?
  • Did you feel betrayed or disillusioned from religion?
  • Afraid of the devil or going to hell?
  • Told you were a sinner and imperfect?

Why did we have to experience a religion?

Because everything we’ve learned and experienced has made us uniquely qualified to do what we came here to do!

We Don’t Have to Fear Our Past Religion!

We can embrace it as a valuable experience and let go of the stress, fear, or anger we may feel about it!

If you’re ready to let go of the past and discover your unique spiritual gifts, contact me and let’s talk about how you can get started today!

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