Overwhelming negative from the news, social media and people?

The death and fear we see everyday in the news and social media is depressing!

People you “stay at home” with talk about all the fear and theories and death constantly!

How can we change it? How can we stop the rollercoaster ride we’ve been going on every day for the last few weeks?

In this video I give tips on how to overcome all the negative and fear!

A spiritual solution is needed. It’s called balance combined with choice. YOU CHOOSE what you want to bring into your life every single minute of each day.

Choose to limit your time watching the news, social media and listening to friends/family to one hour a day. Honestly, the “situation” doesn’t change much from day to day.

You can choose positive thoughts and activities and come out of this stronger and more focused, or you can choose to dive down the rabbit hole of negative and come out of this a wreck.


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