Lots of people want to discover their spiritual gifts, but don’t know where to start or what to do first!

This can be very frustrating and cause even more stress in your life.

What class should I take?

How do I know which class or teacher is best for me?

There are so many possibilities!

What will be right for me? The best? Quickest? Easiest to understand?

You look for classes or teachers/coaches in your area and maybe you find some and maybe you don’t.

You think you’ve found a class or teacher, decide to read some reviews that turn out to be not so good, then find yourself back where you started!

It’s gets to be a pain and you feel the anxiety building.

Why does it have to be so hard to get started?

The truth is, starting out in discovering your spiritual gifts doesn’t have to be hard!

So take a deep breath and relax. 🙂

In this video I’ll give some tips on the easiest way to get started!

All you have to do is relax and see which class or teacher catches your attention and interest!

What is included in the class? Does it sound like fun or what you want?

Check out some of the teachers’ videos or free seminars or You Tube channel.

See if you like their style and what they have to say!

You can even ask the Universe to show you a good class or teacher before you start looking!

If you’re ready to stop researching and start discovering your spiritual gifts today, message me and let’s talk about how I can get you over the getting started cycle!

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