Want to Learn About Spiritual Gifts But Don’t Know Where to Start?

Are you ready to start discovering your spiritual gifts but have those who, what, when, where and why questions?

I’m hosting a FREE Zoom Ed with Q&A on Thursday, March 5th at 6 p.m. (MST)

What you’ll get from this Zoom:

  1. Spiritual gift myth busting!
  2. 5 Things you can do to start discovering your gifts today!
  3. A live activation!
  4. A place to ask your questions about spiritual gifts!

Register for the Zoom Here:


I’ll be covering some of the topics in my spiritual gifts resource during this live event.

If you’d like to check out this resource before the event click here for the FREE download: https://Spirit-Truths.gr8.com

Be sure to bring your questions to the event!

See you then. 🙂