Stress comes in many forms. The job we don’t like, family drama, grief from a broken relationship or passing of a loved one.

You may feel drawn to start discovering your spiritual abilities, but feel frustrated and overwhelmed with other parts of your life.

So much so that you feel you don’t have the time or focus to practice spiritual stuff!

The truth is . . . you don’t have time to NOT start practicing!

In this video you’ll discover what happens when you do SOMETHING . . . ANYTHING to begin your spiritual experience.


Tips on easy things you can do to get started today!

Doing SOMETHING to begin your spiritual experience will actually help relieve some of the stress you feel in your life!

As we take time to nurture our spiritual self, we begin releasing stress, trauma, grief and drama automatically!

So what’s something you can do?

Start with one small thing!

Listen to a guided meditation or nature sounds music.

Pick a spiritual book you’re drawn to and read it.

Go for a walk and get some sunshine and fresh air.

The ideas are limitless!

If you’re done allowing life to get in the way of your spiritual experience, contact me and let’s talk about how I can assist you with releasing the stress or anxiety that’s keeping you from diving into your spiritual journey!

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