Are You Embracing Your True Self?

Why do most of us have a life that is unfulfilling or just stress and drama filled?

Why do you think your life isn’t working? (Write down whatever comes to mind.)

There’s a lot that plays into this such as beliefs, experiences, etc., but it all started back when we were children!

We were taught (by family, schools, religion) to rely on the knowledge and logical mind. Our creative or spiritual mind got suppressed and neglected. This causes us to be out of balance!

The knowledge mind is what we learned from books, adults, schools, religion, movies, etc. It’s the thinking/logical brain.

The creative mind is what we EXPERIENCE or create. It’s the heart and emotions & feelings that come with it. Big difference!

We went to school, graduated High School, maybe went to college, got a job, bought a car, purchased a home, pay our taxes and pretty much do the same stuff every day. Nothing wrong with that!

BUT as we get older we feel like something is missing. Our lives are boring or full of stress and drama! Nothing ever seems to change no matter what we try to do differently to get a different outcome. How do we break the cycle of living a life that just isn’t working?

The easiest way to get back to balance is to give time to your creative or spiritual side and experience it! Discover the beliefs and experiences that may be causing your life to be nothing like you wanted it to be. Change what you think, say and do every single day that brings the stress and drama into your life.

I’ve assisted my clients in bringing their lives back into balance and reducing the stress, drama and grief from living a life that isn’t working!

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