Emotionally Draining Relationships?

If we take a look at what our parents taught us about relationships, our beliefs and experiences we can see the same patterns repeating in our adult relationships!

Take time and observe how your partner treats you AND other people. How do they treat their parents? How they treat others is how they will treat you (if not now-then later)!

Is their family dynamic full of drama?¬†If so, you can best bet your life with that person will be exactly what you’ve observed!

You have to pay attention to any “red flags” that come up! If you ignore them, you will pay for it later! Also, trust your intuition or gut feeling about people. You get those “cringy moments” for a reason!

We can’t change other people. We can only change ourselves! Never go into a relationship thinking you can change or save someone!

If you’re tired of your life not working because of your relationship choices and are READY to make some YOU changes, contact me and let’s have a conversation about how I may be able to assist you in changing what you’re experiencing!

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