Are You Emotionally Drained Every Day?

When you life isn’t working your emotions can start to overwhelm you.

The longer you put off doing something to improve your life, the stronger the negative emotions will become!

You don’t have to continue to live with these negative emotions!

If it’s your job that’s draining you, maybe you’re already pissed off when your alarm goes off in the morning. Just the thought of going to your job is depressing or angering you. Sometimes you might ask yourself, “Why do I keep going everyday?” or “It’s just not worth the hassle.”

Is your job the problem or the people you have to work with? We can love the type of work we do, but not be able to put up with all the coworkers who don’t do their job, backstab or are always trying to win points with the boss at all cost.

Or maybe it’s your relationships. Someone who always brings drama or gossip or complaining and never seems to do anything about how horrible they make their life out to be? It could be your in-laws or other family. That’s a tough one! We can’t choose our family, but we can limit our time around them if they are draining us emotionally.

Have you always wanted to do something or BE something but it seems like this or that always gets in the way? So you feel you’re not living up to your potential or that you deserve more from your life?

We all know the definition of insanity (doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results). When will be the right time to stop the insanity that has made you realize your life simply isn’t working?

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