What Would Your Life Look Like If . . .

You could relieve the daily stress, grief, drama or job burnout?

You understood WHY crappy stuff keeps repeating itself?

You had the ability to attract good, relaxing, drama-free situations and people?

You could maintain a happy, purpose-filled life for the rest of your life?

I know right now it may seem impossible to even imagine how a better life is possible. Maybe you’ve been doing the same stuff year after year, getting the same results time after time or trying this and that without success.

Not having a happy or healthy life is a major source of continuing stress!

But how do you relieve the stress?

Go and get a massage? Spend the day at the lake? Go on a family vacation to Disneyland? Go fishing? Tinker around in the garage?

I bet you’ve tried all of these things and they work for a while, but the stress comes creeping back or slaps you in the face as soon as you go back to work or fall back in to your “normal” life routine?

Believe me, I stayed in a “hate my life” cycle for many years! Trying to be happy and “successful” following the “rules” I had learned growing up.

One day I had a mini “mental break down” and realized my life wasn’t working! Everything I’d learned wasn’t working! All the tips and tricks weren’t working! I was tired, sick, depressed, lonely and didn’t have a clue what to do about it! I just knew I had to do something!

I absolutely couldn’t stand it anymore!

Struggling to make something work that wasn’t designed to work in the first place kept me very stressed and affected every part of my life! I didn’t realize this at the time, I just knew I was beating my head against a wall!

So, I went to Chiropractors, massage therapists, dancing, walking, music and a host of other stuff trying to rid myself of the stress. Yes, each of these things helped relieve my stress, but it always came back!

I finally realized the stress kept coming back because it was inside me! The things I believed, was taught, had experienced and the choices I made every day were keeping me in this cycle of “my life sucks”!

So I took a few years (about 20) to sort out all the “luggage” I’d been carrying around with me my whole life which were the ingredients (when mixed together) that created my “shit storm” life! These beliefs and behaviors would negatively reinforce all the crap I hated about my life!

What I mean to say here is I WAS DOING IT TO MYSELF!

That’s right! We can blame the bad stuff that happens to us on what other people around us do and do not do, but here’s a question I’d like for you to ask yourself . . .

Who was the one person that was always at the “scene of the crime”? All you have to do is look in the mirror to find the answer!

Because of our beliefs, training and experiences we:

  1. Allow others to treat us poorly.
  2. Stay in a relationship that is abusive or just plain not working.
  3. Attract to us people who are similar to the types of people we don’t want to be around.
  4. Think, say and do negative stuff throughout the day about ourselves and other people.
  5. Keep going to that job we hate every day.

So, what’s the secret to permanently relieving stress, drama or grief?

You have to get rid of the stuff that isn’t working and replace it with beliefs and experiences that will work for you!

It took me many years to fix all the beliefs and experiences that were negatively affecting my life, but I learned simple, easy ways to let some of those beliefs and traumatic experiences go and replace them with better choices!

Now I live my life helping others do the same thing!

I learned that taking things in “baby steps” is the best way to tackle what seems like a mountain of things to change. I also found out once I let go or changed one thing, other problems would fall away . . . like dominos falling! So my big list of things to change got exponentially smaller with less work!

I hope this information has helped you realize why any of the things you’ve tried in the past to make your life better haven’t really worked in the long term.

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