You probably noticed my absence the last couple of weeks but I’ve been given a new way of helping other spiritual seekers! It’s all about . . .

Solving Confusion and Frustration in Spiritual Learning

You’re ready to start your spiritual journey but . . .

You don’t know what book you should read, class you should take or guru you should follow!

Every time you do research there’s so much information you’re simply overwhelmed!

Which book? What author? Should I get a reading? Take a class? What class do I start with?

Maybe you started with an “expert” but you’re not really resonating with the teacher or the topics seem way too complicated for you to grasp?

Believe me, I know exactly where you’re coming from!

I’ve had “paranormal” experiences all my life but (like most of us) they were silenced by religion, school, parents and peers. Maybe you even had an experience that scared you so much you simply just shut down all spiritual stuff.

I ignored my spiritual experiences for years and finally decided to learn what they were all about. You know, what does it all mean?

I went to a couple of holistic events, took some classes, received some healing and balancing, etc. I learned something from all of them BUT

It took me years to learn the “basics”!

I really didn’t know what questions to ask, how to trust my intuition or ask for help from the universe/spirit.

I’ve always asked myself what would have made my journey a bit easier?

The answer? An easy-to-understand class or coaching program that would take me through the basics.

Teach me what spiritual gifts are, what mine are, how to use/trust them, basic grounding and centering, etc.

In other words, give me a good foundation so I WOULD know which questions to ask, how to trust my intuition (gut feeling) and ask/trust spirit to send me what I need!

Is this something you would like to have too?

A program that starts you out with a strong spiritual foundation?

Coaching and classes that are simple and easy-to-understand?

A place where you can discover and grow your spiritual abilities?

Meeting like-minded people to share your experiences and just have others to talk to about spirit stuff?

Learning spiritual stuff doesn’t have to be lonely and alienating!

When I was diving into my spiritual journey it was very lonely and confusing!

I felt like I didn’t have anyone to talk to about spiritual stuff and when I tried most people just kind of looked at me like “bless her heart”.

(You know, sort of like a cross between pity and thinking I was crazy. When you see their facial expression change and their eyes kind of glaze over?)

I also started to feel like two people! One for my work day and one “after work persona”. How crazy is that?

Thank goodness I finally started seeking out others who were learning or doing the same stuff I was!

It’s VERY important to surround yourself with like-minded people. People on their spiritual learning journey too!

Coming Soon! I’ll be coaching people on these and more!

This is my new life purpose! How I will shine my light into the world every day!

I am so excited about this new phase of my spiritual growth!

I can’t wait to help thousands of people around the world discover and use their spiritual gifts to vastly improve their life and its meaning!

I hope you will stick around and enjoy this journey with me!

If you want to get started now . . .

Visit and download the FREE “The Truth About Psychic Gifts” PDF. It will open your eyes to what is possible for everyone!

If your time is limited and you’d like to take a short course or two head over to my school at

You can also check out my video about psychic gifts at

My experiences have taught me that spiritual learning is designed to be simple!

And that’s the way I am going to coach others . . . simply.

If you would like to know what kind of topics I’ll be helping others with you can check out my coaching page at

Some of the topics I will cover are:

Spiritual gifts, releasing negative, changing beliefs that slow your spiritual learning, healing grief and trauma,  how to get better sleep, using the dreamtime to learn and heal, positive intentions, manifesting, smudging and clearing, shields, boundaries, buffers, crystals and more!

I’ll also dive into intermediate and advanced level topics such as reprogramming the subconscious, energy healing, essential oils, self-healing, Angelic healing, spirit animals, oracle cards, divination, earth based communication and lots more!

But these programs will be more than just a class!!!

They will include private FaceBook groups, videos, live Q&A’s, live mini-classes, checklists, power points and much more!

So everyone will be able to connect, share, ask questions, get clear on stuff you’re learning, etc.!

I’ll keep you updated on when the programs will be available! Just make sure to subscribe to my blog or Email list!