Good Luck? Bad Luck? Lot in Life?

Sometimes we believe we have no control over our life because of things that happened in the past (or are still happening now). It may get to the point where we think we have bad luck or are just stuck!

The truth is . . . what you say and do (Free Will) is what makes your life what it is. It’s hard to think and do good things when we feel it won’t even matter. But it WILL matter!

The more positive your outlook and the better choices you make daily can dramatically improve your life!

I came from a poor background filled with racism, bullying, alcoholism and sexual abuse. For a long time I thought I had no chance of changing my circumstances and they just “were”. It seemed a very tall mountain-scary to even think about climbing!

I discovered the only way to change what I could clearly see was my future was to make a drastic change and get out of the whole mess! A fresh start.

I later learned we attract what we don’t want because we sort of got used to the drama and it stuck to us like a spider web and we carry it everywhere!

I slowly let go of negative self-talk and respected myself more and my friends and relationships changed dramatically.

All because I chose to change (free will).

I hope you found this topic interesting and inspiring. Anyone can engage free will to change their circumstance for the better. Not saying it’s easy . . . just saying it works!

Check out the video about Free Will here: