Ever Feel You’re Not Qualified for Your Spiritual “Job”?

False Belief: I’m Not Qualified.

Do your spiritual promptings or experiences leave you feeling like you are SO not qualified for your spiritual path?

When you have a powerful spiritual experience it can be scary. Being prompted to explore an unfamiliar area can make you feel like you are totally unprepared to venture into it.

So most of us listen to our logical mind that says something like, “You don’t know anything about that.”¬† Or maybe, “That is so far beyond your skill set.” We start to think maybe if we read some books or take classes then we will be better prepared to take on these new inner promptings.

The truth is . . . Everything you’ve learned, experienced, believe, etc. has made you uniquely qualified to do what you came here to do. If you feel drawn to certain things or you’re being prompted by some inner knowing, it means you are ready! You can begin any time! If you were not ready (qualified) you would not have the promptings or the draw to certain things of spirit.

It is the attraction to things and the inner prompting that signals your readiness! Spirit (God, Universe, etc.) does not allow things to progress until you’re ready.

So stop worrying over your qualifications and delaying your spiritual growth! YOU ARE READY . . . So dive in!

Watch the video that describes more in detail about your qualifications: https://youtu.be/Pre0vvXB6uM