One of my passions is to teach and I’ve been quite busy creating online courses that are simple and easy to understand.

Each month I do my best to release a new class that spiritual seekers and others can benefit from.

If you have trouble sleeping and are tired, irritable, low energy and have to hit the caffeine all day long just to stay awake . . .

Have you tried OTC meds or prescriptions and nothing seems to be working that well?

My newest course may be just what you’ve been needing!

“How to Sleep Better and Longer!”

Go to to learn all about this new sleep class!

At the end of the course you’ll have:

1. A sleeping space that helps you get better sleep.
2. Ways to adjust daily habits that cause you to lose sleep.
3. A bedtime ritual to help you fall asleep fast and sleep peacefully.

And the best thing of all . . .
Following the suggestions in the class doesn’t have to cost you anything!
How cool is that?

If you enroll by July 31, 2019 you’ll get $20 off tuition!
Use code: 20forSLEEP

Visit to see the video, offer and enroll!

Watch the intro on YouTube:

Here’s to your restful sleep and sweet dreams! 🙂