Do you think of famous psychics or mediums as gifted, special or “chosen”? If you use these terms in this context what you’re really saying is “I don’t believe I have these abilities.”

It’s understandable. Most of us have not been exposed to this side of our innate nature. We’ve been taught logic, knowledge, rules, religion and those things associated with our mind (I know). Our innate abilities are about experiencing, creating, receptivity and those things associated with our heart (I feel). Big difference!

The truth is we were all born with “source software” which includes all the psychic or intuitive abilities. The difference between you and the famous psychics is the accepting of your gifts, strengthening them, experience and focus on how to use them.

So now you can stop comparing yourself to others who use their abilities on a regular basis. Everyone has a unique combination of gifts and uses for those abilities on their journey!

You can choose any time to start exploring yours!

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