Grief is something we all have in common. It doesn’t matter how the grief started. It may have come from a death, a relationship ending, life not being what you hoped, trauma or many other events.

What’s important is to recognize your grief and allow it to release in your time. Everyone has their own time for processing grief. There are no time limits to grieve!

Releasing grief is very important to our wellbeing! Tears are a natural way to release grief, so let them flow! If we hold in our grief it delays our grieving process and the grief or other negative emotions will come out in other ways like losing our temper, depression or disease.

What does grief have to do with psychic abilities? Part of the journey to discovering and strengthening our abilities is to first heal ourselves so we can better tune in to our gifts and messages. Our intuitive or psychic abilities work best when we are healthy, relaxed and our mind is quiet!

If you are in the grieving process, talk to your friends and family. Maybe seek help from a professional grief counselor or join a positive grief group. Don’t try and go it alone because you don’t want to appear weak or ask for help. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and there are plenty of people who’ve gone through the process and can be of support!

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