My New Me!


Trash those New Year’s resolutions and discover how to change your words and

thoughts to easily makeover the results you’re getting in your life! Is 2018 the

year you’re going to do it?

Awake Your Inner Psychic! $59-$78 Discover your psychic gifts and practice them with like-minded people! Join the discussion group to network with other spiritual seekers! Open to all belief systems! A 3-level series teaching a way of life!

Discover Your Power Animals!


Find out which animals are helping you with different areas of your life! We’ll use guided exercises, intuition and oracle cards for the nine animals including your “Power Animal” or “Totem”! Working With Your Power Animals! $47 Learn to recognize when an animal is giving you a message. Practice asking for assistance from your power animals in various states of consciousness. Create ways to honor your animal helpers.   Sleep Like a Dream! $47 If you have trouble sleeping or remembering your dreams, this class carries Dream Time restorative energies that can help alleviate sleep patterns which leave you tired and irritable! Ready to get some good sleep? Psychic Self-Healing! $59 Open to everyone! Learn to heal yourself anytime . . . anywhere! A practice based workshop with techniques for relaxing, grounding, connecting, releasing grief, refilling energy, kickstarting your inherent knowledge and many more!

Awake Your Inner Psychic! Retreat


A 3-day way of life intensive to discover your psychic gifts, practice them with like- minded people and begin healing any spiritual blocks! Join the discussion group & network with other spiritual seekers! Open to all belief systems!

Designing Your Sacred Space!


Everyone needs a space of their own to relax, de-stress, meditate, rest or just get some peace and quiet for a few minutes! Join other “Focus on Me in 2018” people and design a space just for you in your home! Learn how to go there anytime!

Creating Your Sacred Place!


Have difficulty quieting your mind for relaxing, meditation or asking for guidance from Spirit? Create your own sacred place where your mind automatically quiets and you relax. Practice getting guidance in your new place! Out of Town Student? Spirit Oaks is part of the AirBNB network! Book our “Eagle’s Nest” and be well rested for your class! View the room HERE Check out your “learning space” on the Spirit Oaks page!
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