Discover Your Animal Guides

If you like animals of any kind, this class is for you! Go on a journey into the world of animals. How they communicate, what they can help you with, and how to ask for their assistance. This class will introduce you to your spirit animal for each of the nine aspects of self. Many native peoples believe in animal helpers, power animals or animal guides. The belief is they can help us maintain our strengths, overcome our weaknesses and find a balance with all our life aspects. Animals are great “personal assistants” because we can see them, hear them, and even have them as members of our family. Sometimes we simply need to realize they can be there when we need them. You’ll be taken on guided exercises to practice “calling in” and “asking” your animal guides for assistance. You’ll also develop techniques for waking, meditation and Dream Time activation! Also included is an introduction to recognizing and translating the messages animals send you. Get ideas on how to build your own totem or shield for a daily visual reminder of your “spirit team”!

In Your Dreams!

Is finding time/space to quiet your mind proving difficult? This class offers a quick and easy tool for accessing answers and guidance from Spirit. You’ll discover the best way to sleep, how changing your position changes your dreams, and how to prepare for sleep. If you have trouble sleeping or remembering your dreams, this class carries Dream Time restorative energies that can help alleviate sleep patterns which leave you tired and irritable! Dream Time is the most important time of each day. It is when we filter everything that happened during our day and set up for the next day. Find out how to use your sleep time to transform your waking hours! An introduction to dreaming the Four Directions and basic dream interpretation tools is included! Bring a question you’d like to have ansered. You’ll call the Dream Time awake, breathe The Silence, and hear your answer!

Stories From the Stone People

If you like rocks, stones or crystals, this class is for you! Many of us were taught rocks are not alive. This class will shed some light on that teaching. Just because we think they can’t breathe or move, doesn’t mean it’s the truth. Like crocodile, they only appear to be dead unless we become aware of their unique life force. Learn how the Stone People (rocks, stones and crystals) can heal, give you messages, ground you and much more. They hold the history of the area they live in (and the Earth) and give us messages through their “skin” and vibration. They talk to us through sight, touch, hearing, and knowing. In this class you’ll learn how to recognize when a stone has a message for you and techniques for recognizing and translating the images on the stones.The class also includes a “Walkabout” where you’ll get a chance to discover rocks that call to you and a bonus technique for tuning in to their vibrational “voice”! Perhaps you’ll even find your “wotai” or personal helper rock!

Whispers of the Clouds

If you enjoy clouds, sunny, blue sky or sunrises and sunsets, this is the right class for you! Imagine a sunny day with blue skies and lots of white, puffy clouds. Nice. You look up at the sky for a moment to watch the clouds go by. Suddenly, one cloud looks like a dog! Another looks like an Angel! What does it all mean? Learn about how the clouds hold messages for you and how you can ask for answers from the Cloud People. Creator, the Angels, your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, the animals, and all the other “helper families” can work with the Cloud People to make sure you’re getting messages and your questions answered. Sometimes we get so busy with life that we don’t pay attention to the signs around us trying to help us, but if we notice a really cool sky, we’ll stop, look up, and watch the clouds and colors for a few minutes. This is the clouds springing into action to communicate with us! You’ll get hands-on reading/seeing practice and practical methods of discerning what you see. A basic introduction to translated signs is included. Get ready for a “Walkabout” to practice seeing your picture messages and translating the signs. Not a cloud in the sky? No worries! Be prepared for a special technique!

Talking With the Trees

If you enjoy being out in nature, sitting under the shade of a great tree . . . this class is for you! Trees are alive and they can give us messages and tell us stories about their home area and about the Earth. They communicate with us through their “skin” (bark) and vibration! You’ll explore the language of the trees and practice reading the messages in their trunks. You’ll also invite a message from the Standing People (trees). Get ready to meditate using a “tree communication” technique with a tree you select! As an added bonus you’ll learn a special “tree breathing” technique that grounds, centers, and heals! This is an incredible experience that will change your view of the world and your place in it! Be prepared for a major shift in awareness!

Earth Medicine

If you like an easy, step-by-step method to gain insights into any aspect of your life, then this class will appeal to increasing your spiritual comfort zone! If you meditate, this class will add a whole new layer of direction to your meditation! The Directions contain “every lesson you need to know in life and every answer to every question you’ve ever asked”. They are an extension (reminder) of the “inherent knowing” each of us were born with! This class will open you up to a whole new world of healing resources from the Seven Directions! It focuses on the healing “medicine” of each direction and how to “call-in” the healing properties at any time! You’ll complete this class realizing that “you’re never alone”. You’ll gain new techniques for asking and receiving knowledge and healing. The techniques can be used during awake, meditative, or Dream Time states! The meditations and terms used in class will re-activate the inherent knowing you were born with. Be open to amazing growth and understanding through simplicity!

Spiritual Basics

Just beginning your spiritual journey? Join us to learn and practice the basics of grounding, smudging, protecting, sending, receiving, balancing, releasing, entering The Silence and much more! Discover your own unique way of receiving guidance. Practice your new skills on the shady deck, under the Oak tree canopy, by the fire pit or on the soft grass! (Weather permitting.) You’ll leave with a great foundation and be comfortable using your new skills to begin or continue learning your spirit path! Check out your classroom pics on the “Spirit Oaks” page!
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