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Coaching Would you like a one-on-one experience to “Rediscover the Spirit Within”? Sign up for coaching!
Contact De for a free consultation to see which coaching package is right for you! Coaching is also available with cell, Skype or FaceTime! Classes for private groups are also available!
Everyone receives a custom-made plan to learn Spiritual concepts. If you’re looking for more advanced subjects or practices, there’s a plan for you too! If you just want a private class or two, that’s part of the coaching plan also! Private coaching will help you gain confidence in your new skills! If you like having a mentor to help keep you focused on your goals and practices, then coaching is for you! You’ll be given tools, information and exercises tailor-made to your learning style! Spirit re-learning shouldn’t be confusing or difficult. Although you’ll be expected to step outside your current spiritual zone, you’ll be ready and reap the benefits every time you do! Using the tools will help you have a more abundant life and you’ll realize just how much power you have to transform any aspect of your world! You’ll also come to know and trust that: 1. You are never alone! 2. You always have help! 3. You are worthy! 4. You are very, very, loved!