You Were Created Perfect. You Have the Knowledge . . . Inside!

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Our Gifts We’ve been given many gifts to help us in this life’s walk. I invite you to come and take a walk with Grandfather (Creator), Mother Earth, the Angels, and all creatures great and small and reconnect with your True Self.  
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For as long as I can remember,

I’ve been drawn to Native

American culture.

Everything I do in helping others is based on my beliefs and practice of this way of life. I help you with traveling your road to a balanced mind, body, and spirit, which means a happier, more fulfilling life! I do this through a combination of energy techniques, readings, intuitive or psychic insight, classes and individual coaching.  
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Sometimes people are a little confused when they meet me because I don’t look “Indian” at all. I guess you could say I have an Indian “center” since my skin is way too pale to pass for native. There’s lots of comedy material just waiting to come out, but right now I’ll tell you my story . . . On a warm Spring night back in 1993 I’m out in my back yard, sitting on the ground, crying my heart out in the middle of a strong thunderstorm. The wind is howling, pouring rain with lightning flashing all around me. I felt alone, empty and without purpose. I’d done all the things I was told to do to be happy in life, but I’d lost myself somewhere along the way. I started studying the Indian part of my heritage and peace came almost immediately. It took a while to find myself. I decided to Walk the Red Road (lead a good life) during my first Vision Quest. Now I help others reconnect with their True Self through what I’ve learned and lived. I believe learning should be simple and easy to understand and that’s how I teach. [De has been a student of Native American culture for over 20 years. She has also been a professional Trainer and Instructor Trainer for over 20 years. De holds a Master of Education (MEd.) degree from Weber State University.]
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